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We are committed to providing the very best consulting services for your Dangerous Goods transport by Road, Air and Sea.

Effective Dangerous Goods management requires deep knowledge of complex regulatory environments and solid experience in this detailed field of ex- pertise. For 25 years, we have delivered world class training to clients in the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharma, Chemical, Logistics, Shipping, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Food and Beverage, Human and Animal health care, Military & Government. Our core competencies, knowledge and experience combine to bring the very best consulting and training services to our clients across the globe. Feel free to reach out to us today, our deep knowledge support team will be happy to help.


"Think Inside and Outside the Box"

How our client’s products arrive at their destination is critical to their business, likewise, it is critical to ours to give the best advice to our clients, all things considered. Focus on important key performance indicators, modes of transit, routes, climate variables, customs, compatibility, safety and efficacy all play a part in the way we think out practical solutions to both simple and complex shipping scenarios. Anyone that has picked up a valuable display packaging will understand and appreciate the form and function which good design plays in presenting a product in exactly the right light. Our role perhaps is a little bit less obvious. How our client’s products arrive with their customer is where our experience matters and our value becomes clear. When the goods are dangerous, this task becomes a little harder; there are quite simply more variables to consider. That’s why we have to think both inside and outside the box !

Listen, Learn, Communicate, Share

Good communication starts with listening. We realised a long time back that it is only by really listening to our clients that we learn how we can bring value, we learned that clear communication makes it easier for our customers make well informed decisions. Our team have a wealth of knowledge covering close to 50 years of combined experience, by sharing knowledge within our team we actively contribute to the strength of our team, everyone learns, everyone benefits.


Richard Walsh
Managing Director

The last five years in Trident have been exciting to say the least, we have won many accolades and awards for our training and consulting services, we have added great new innovative products to our portfolio, we have been fortunate enough to onboard some great new clients and we have forged closer ties with important business partners around the world. We have built a stronger team of great people and we have also placed talent in overseas positions through the launch of our DG/HazMat specialist inplant programme. This new service offers clients comfort in having fully trained DG specialists handle their entire DG process. Our inplant candidates have extensive Dangerous Goods training and also have the practical hands-on experience in dealing with many different shipping situations, products and modes of transport. Many of our candidate inplant team would have Science, Engineering or Logistics degrees or Masters degrees depending on the complexity of the role and the requirements and expectations of our customers.

"I am a Dangerous Goods & Shipping Manager with a multi-national Biotech company using Mr.Walsh as a mentor on many dangerous goods projects. In my opinion, Mr.Walsh’s expertise in this area is unrivalled and in some cases, ground-breaking. Both I and the company I work for are very comfortable to have Mr.Walsh on board for all of our DG Projects."
Richard Coll. UCB Manufacturing Ireland Ltd.

"Richard always delivers a very clear and concise course, he consistently demonstrates a very high level of expertise in the subject matter." 
Ann Tobin - Merck Millipore Ltd.

"I have worked with Richard on a number of projects over the years and I have always found him to be reliable, trustworthy and he possess extensive knowledge in his areas of expertise. Richard is a professional, enthusiastic and practical individual who is focused on results which benefit all involved in the project. He is easy to do business with and presents himself with confidence to all levels of management."
David Delaney. Regional BD Manager, M+W Group.

"Richard is magnetic for his wide professional knowledge in dangerous goods safety. Each contact with Richard brings moveable feast that inspires creativeness and continuous progress. His honest and friendly attitude adds to the value of his work. What better reason for a company in the military branch than to be proud to have Richard as DGS-advisor." 
Maria Petrova. Marketing Coordinator, ARCUS Co.

Lindsey Buchet
Dangerous Goods Services & Financial Director

Here at Trident, we endeavour to take the burden of compliance and in return, give our clients a clear understanding of how Dangerous Goods should be consigned correctly. Through our expert training, our students leave with an in-depth appreciation of the risks involved with Dangerous Goods and are confident in their roles with the knowledge that they have gained. We are a “Service first” company. Our client’s are very important to us and we offer solutions to best fit their requirements and are in compliance with the Dangerous Goods regulations. We trust that you will find our services helpful, informative and most of all, reassuring.


Consulting - Inplants

In order to explore our inplant service, please contact us directly.