Trident Packaging

Trident is a market leader in the supply of Dangerous Goods packaging.

Our innovative design team use real world transit modelling to test and ensure the safety and security of your DG shipments.

Our ex stock range of UN approved packaging systems offer optimised levels of quality and performance for your logistics chain in a variety of easy to use size and pack out configurations. Trident is one of the leading suppliers of UN certified fibreboard boxes. All “Trident Tested” fibreboard boxes have been designed, tested and certified in accordance with 49 CFR, ICAO, IATA UN ADR and IMDG/IMO requirements. All of our DG packaging have been laboratory and field tested in order to guarantee their safety and conformity with European, U.S. and International regulations.

We develop Special Packaging Systems

At Trident, we go beyond the compliance of local and international regulations to provide tailored solutions to each of our customers. We develop special packaging systems for pharmaceutical, biological, food-industries and technology companies. We continuously and systematically develop our management and operational systems to improve our packaging solutions, material and accessories.

While shipping dangerous goods by air, road and sea, it is crucial to take into account the potential adverse effects of temperature, pressure and humidity variations, as well as the risk of damage due to vibrations and improper handling. At Trident, we make it a point to prioritise safety excellence in every aspect of our products.

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Dangerous Goods Repack

Trident is a specialist in the export packing of Dangerous Goods for transport by air, sea and road. Our DG team have been trained to the standards required by IATA/ICAO, IMDG & ADR Regulations to ensure you receive the very best service for all of your DG packing and re-packing requirements. Transport of Dangerous Goods is subject to both national and international legislations. When transporting hazmat, it is priority that the transport is conducted safely and in full compliance with relevant regulations.

We pack and handle all classes of Dangerous Goods except Class 7 and are the Specialist of the shipment of Lithium Batteries (Ion and metal). Our services include: Handling, packing and documentation of Dangerous Goods in UN-approved packaging ;  Identification, marking and labeling in accordance with applicable regulations ; Repacking of Dangerous goods and damaged Dangerous Goods ; Dry-ice shipments ; Biologistic services to hospitals, universities and research laboratories...

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Shipping Lithium Ion or Metal Batteries

Trident Safety is the Specialist of the shipment of Lithium Batteries (Ion and metal). Lithium batteries are commonly used in devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, watches, cameras, medical devices, e-cigarettes, everyday tools or children’s toys and are classified as Dangerous Goods. Indeed, charged battery shipments may, under certain conditions, experience "thermal runaway" overheat, ignite and start a fire.

Being classed as Dangerous Goods, when shipped by Air, lithium batteries must be correctly identified and classified, and in some cases be packaged, marked, labeled and accompanied by a Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD). Trident takes the transport by Air of your shipment containing lithium batteries very seriously and complies with the IATA and ICAO regulations for carrying such items as a carrier. Shipping Lithium batteries can be very complicated and we want to ensure that you are aware of all the requirements ; and help you to overcome any obstacles you may face during the process.