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Do You need Dangerous Goods Training?

Trident Safety deliver world-class training to organisations in how to correctly classify, identify, package, mark/label, declare and transport Dangerous Goods by Air, Road or Sea.

You need Dangerous Goods Training...
Whether you are a shipper or a freight handler, an airline clearance agent or receiver of Dangerous Goods we can deliver a training course tailored to your needs. Many everyday items and substances can be dangerous when transported. Employees who may come into contact with Dangerous Goods need to be aware of the nature of such goods, their potential for causing incidents and accidents and what they can do to play their part in compliance.
Dangerous Goods transport legislation requires that all those involved in the transport chain be trained and qualified in the mode of transport they utilise. It is the employer’s duty to ensure that all employees who come into contact with dangerous are properly trained. Our approved training courses detail real-world scenarios and case-examples. We can tailor courses to focus on specific shipping situations or deliver expert classification modules based on the needs of our clients. Our balance of theory and practical instruction makes it easy for trained staff to apply critical knowledge to their everyday professional life.


Dangerous Goods By Air - Training Course

Since 1999 Trident Safety Group have trained hundreds of individuals and HazMat / DG Specialists around the world. We have arranged training for our valued clients in Asia, Europe and the USA. Our commitment to delivering exceptional training to all of our delegates is one which we here in Trident take very seriously. Our working assumption is that; better trained individuals make better decisions and a more informed workforce ensures our industry remains safe, compliant and secure.

Our approved Dangerous Goods by Air training course is delivered for both Initial candidates and for candidates requiring Re-validation training. The courses are delivered over 3 for Initial and 2 days for the Re-Validation respectively.
Trident are approved to conduct Air Certification training for Categories 1, 2, 3 & 6. We are very proud to have been chosen as an Industry Best Finalist within the Training category for the Aviation Industry Awards in 2015 and 2016. We are currently working to incorporate the latest ICAO training modules into our delivered courses for 2017.

IMDG Code - Training Course

"Shippers must attend General Awareness / Familiarisation training."

As and from January 1, 2010, training for those involved in maritime shipments became mandatory. Indeed, strict regulations apply through the SOLAS 1974 (Safety of Life at Sea) agreement, MARPOL and the International Maritime Organization (IMO). International shipments must therefore comply with both the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) and national transportation regulations.

Our course is delivered over two intensive days, based on our widely acclaimed DGSA training model and is provided by expert trainers. Those who wish to retain publications passed the training course can order these publications separately from us.

Dangerous Goods Awarenesss - Training Course

Many everyday articles and substances can be dangerous when transported. Employees who may come into contact with Dangerous Goods need to be aware of the nature of the risks of such goods, their potential for causing incident and how they should be dealt with properly.

This on-site course is an introduction to the carriage of Dangerous Goods based on the UN Model Regulations, we do cover some mode specific elements but a transport mode specific course should be undertaken to those controlling fully regulated shipments. It is intended for those who require a basic understanding of shipping dangerous goods or HazMat shipping procedures.

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser - Training Course

The function of a DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser) is to monitor and advise on compliance, in regard to the rules, concerning the transportation of Dangerous Goods and additionally in the preparation of an annual report. Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers must have successfully passed a national examination, delivered by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Ireland (CILT).

The DGSA Exam course pack includes two volumes of the latest edition of the UN-ADR Regulations, copies of the national legislation (CDGRR), extensive study notes and exam papers. Our course is run three times per year to coincide with the CILT examination dates.