About Trident

Trident Safety Group is an Irish company and was established in 1990.  Since those early years, Trident Safety Group have been educating and promoting awareness of the dangerous goods transport regulations by all modes.

We are proud of our achievements over the years and continue to add and excel in our chosen field of expertise. Consistently updating and upgrading our services to match regulatory changes and always listening to our clients so we can offer solutions to complex regulatory requirements for industry.

Who we are

Our team will provide guidance on domestic and international dangerous goods regulations, and we are the market leader in the provision of Dangerous Goods/Hazmat products and Services.

We have partnered with shippers, carriers, and receivers of dangerous goods for over 25 years, supporting our clients across the globe with expert on-site/or remote consulting services, resulting in complete compliance and peace of mind.

A forward thinking, dynamic, fast based company, we support the safety of aviation, road, and sea shipments through our professional and experienced team of advisers, consultants, and trainers.

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Our Vision

We Communicate to Educate.

We Educate to Communicate.

We encourage everyone to understand the danger of dangerous goods and how they affect the supply chain.

Our Priorities

Our priorities are to deliver superior, comprehensive, and accessible compliance support and services, offering solutions removing the obstacles associated with DG perhaps due to skills gaps. Our robust global network allows us to move goods around the clock for our clients, often shouldering the burden of shipper of record while lifting the barrier from the client.

We simplify the logistics process freeing our clients to focus on what they do best

We have grown to become one of the leading international organisations at the forefront of current and future Dangerous Goods Compliance.   Our ability to project-manage dangerous goods compliance requirements allows us to innovate solutions for your company.

Our Values


We are emotionally and intellectually invested in our jobs


We choose the moral and legal action, and we do what we say we will do


We get it right the first time


We leverage a global network of highly experienced specialists while integrating ourselves into our client’s culture and business model


We own our results from start to finish and take personal responsibility for the work we do

Our Mission

‘To educate our world to protect our world.’

Count on us

Bees and Trees-Trident’s Environmental Initiative

We are very excited to announce as part of our environmental initiatives, Trident has committed to planting native trees and increasing our bee population with our new apiary.

Our goal is the creation of ecosystems that require passive management with little to no human intervention. We want to start this process through reintroducing species of native oak, ash, hazel, birch, Scots pine, rowan and willow and then letting natural processes take over.

Renewal - is a “cost-effective approach to enhancing biodiversity, connectivity, ecological resilience and ecosystem service delivery”

Our in-house Environmental Protection Manager and Master Beekeeper has been tasked with the protection of our bee colonies and management of the surrounding wildflower meadow and woodland.

Bee husbandry is a very interesting commitment, and we view it as our opportunity to give something back.

All our bees will be treated with the utmost care and consideration for their health and well-being.

All trees planted are native species to encourage the growth of our native bird, insect, and mammal populations.​

Our Bees and Trees Initiative is the start of our new environmental policy for change and is our duty to protect the environment for the future. 

Always Ask an Expert

Call or email us today if you are unsure or simply, do not have the time to remain current with ever changing regulations.